Appalachian Cultural Museum

Currently on the processing table this week are the Appalachian Cultural Museum Records (AC.500), an unprocessed collection of materials from the files of Appalachian State University's now defunct museum which focused on the mountains of western North Carolina. Until the museum's close in 2006, tourists, school groups, and locals experienced the history of mountain life through exhibits concerned with all things Appalachian- from the tools of early pioneer life to Civil War artifacts to Junior Johnson's NASCAR stock car to items from Beech Mountain's Land of Oz tourist attraction. The museum also hosted programs, rotating exhibits, and special events highlighting the arts, environment, and heritage of Appalachia, including workshops by area artisans, musical performances, lectures by regional authors, a festival of regional toymakers, and the University's holiday celebration, An Appalachian Christmas. The papers now housed within the Appalachian Collection provide information about the museum's daily operation, events planning, public image, and include a trove of audiovisual materials. Updates on the collection will be posted here regularly.  

Photograph: George SerVance Jr., limberjack maker. Image from the Appalachian Cultural Museum Records. For more information about George SerVance Jr. visit the North Carolina Arts Council website: 


Today I was researching info about Mr. George SerVance Jr.  Carving ''N'' Sculpture

I meet Mr. George and his lovely wife back in Nashville, Tn. at Art Show. I was so drawn to his beautiful and whimpsical hand carved folk art dancing dolls. I picked my dancing doll out and George displayed wooden paddle and the cassette with music for my dancing doll.  Best part

was George entertaining us with mountain blue grass and making my doll dance on wooden paddle.

George and his lovely wife were absolutely precious and so full of joy! They were so excited to share some history about himself and his carved treasures. Our dancing doll has a place of honor in our home and on occassion I get my cassette with George's music and me and my dancing man have good ole fashion fun time! We are thrilled to have had the honor to meet and own one of George's Treasure Carved Dancing Man. Thank You George for the Legacy of Folk-Art and Love ! You Sir are National Treasure!


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