March 2014

"I have this day agreed to go to the army..."

These letters confirm Private Richmond Hayes' hiring of a replacement to serve in Company E of the 58th North Carolina Regiment of Infantry. They acknowledge Hayes' promise to pay sixteen hundred dollars to Harrison Edmindston to serve in his stead. Edminston paid dearly for his gamble, as recorded in North Carolina Troops 1861-1865:

"Edminston, William H., Private

Snapshot: Buster Brown

An advertisement for Buster Brown Shoes once available for purchase at the Stephens Store in Creston, North Carolina. The Buster Brown company advertised in a variety of ways locally within Appalachia, including the sponsorship of regional events such as the 1925 Mountain City Fiddlers Convention. The company also installed X-Ray machines in some retail locations to help children and adults determine the proper shoesize.

Put It On My Tab


Remember the days of "Put it on my tab"? This was the method of bookkeeping- pencil and a "running tab." Now it's "cash or credit?" "Yes put it on my credit card!" 

Image from a store ledger located in AC.836: Stephens Store Records. Stephens Store was located in Creston, North Carolina. Text contributed by Anita Elliott.