The Big Snow of 1960

 An edition of the Todd General Store Ledger remembering the anniversary of the 1960 Snow which covered western North Carolina as well as the mountain regions of neighboring states. The "Big Snow" began 44 years ago on February 12 and lasted for a month. Burr...

From  AC.810: Dean Allison Williams Papers.

Snapshot: Odd Fellows

Photograph of Odd Fellows Lodge ritual, Ivanhoe, Virginia, from AC.103: Helen Lewis Papers. Label reads, "House far right Bob Taylor- then, Goodson home now, Carve Viar home now."

Exhibit: Odds and Ends

Currently under construction, the next Appalachian State Library Special Collections exhibit will spotlight the curiosities of the archives. Located in the 4th floor atrium of the Belk Library, the exhibit features notable oddities from within the collection selected by our faculty and staff. See the Daniel Boone Gavel (made from a tree under which the pioneer once camped), a rare painting of a once popular Alabama sporting event, a pair of high class heels from the Dougherty Clothing Collection, the Appalachian Cultural Museum's Santasaurus, and much more...

Photograph from AC.321: Smyth County, Virginia Lifetime Collection. The image is from a postcard of Annie Jones-Elliot, a Smyth County, Virginia native and bearded lady who travelled with P. T. Barnum's Circus. 

Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina

AC.689: Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina Records is an extensive collection which houses the working records of the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina compiled since its conception in the late 19th Century. In addition to official church documents related to church administration and logistical matters the collection holds a large number of items which trace Episcopal history in the mountains throughout two centuries. Researchers can examine letters and documents related to the early mountain missionary work which created the Diocese's predecessor organization, "The Missionary District of Asheville," read the daybooks of Bishops serving in the early 20th century, flip through the pages of parish registers and record books, and view images from events in Diocesan history.

Images from AC. 689: Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina Records, 1817-2006, undated.

Sow's Ear Press

The Sow's Ear Press began operations in Abingdon, Virginia in 1987 with founding editors Errol Hess, Larry Richman, and Nell Maiden. The Sow's Ear gave rise to a writer's group in the 1980s which included James Owens, Ann Richman, Suzanne Rhodes, Judy Miller, Kristin Zimet, Sam Rasnake, and many others. At Richman's retirement as editor, Kristin Zimet took the job and moved the operation to Donalds, South Carolina.

The Sow's Ear publishes the Sow's Ear Poetry Review, and sponsors two annual contests - the chapbook competition and the poetry competition. Judges are poets with national reputations.

Image from "Loose Black and White Photographs", AC.690: Sow's Ear Press Records, 1977-2004, undated. The photograph, labeled "Photo, Dean Barr" appears to have been taken in the Sinking Spring Cemetery, Abingdon, Virginia.

The Art of Kenneth Baldwin


Kenneth Baldwin (1914-1999) was a self-taught artist born in Black Mountain, North Carolina. He spent most of his life in Greenville, South Carolina where he worked as a sketch maker who enlarged designs onto fabrics with the aid of a camera in the textile mills.

In June 1943, Baldwin joined the Army and held the rank of Sergeant. Working as a camera technician, he was stationed in Central Burma, India, and China. Baldwin was awarded a World War II Victory Medal and an America Campaign Medal. He was decommissioned in March 1946.

The Kenneth Baldwin Artwork collection includes approximately fifty sketches and paintings, primarily in charcoal, pastels, and watercolors. The art illustrates the peoples and scenery of India, Burma, and China as well as documenting aspects of army life.

Images from AC.412: Kenneth Baldwin Artwork, 1945-1946, undated, text by Cyndi Harbeson from an W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection exhibit on the artist.

Snapshot: Archives Week

Images from North Carolina Archives Week Open House held this past Thursday in the Reinhardt Room, Belk Library. This year's Archives Week celebrated food in North Carolina. Items on display from the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection included a Watauga Kraut label, photographs of farming and food preparation, ephemera from local mills, and recipes.

Camp Yonahlossee

Camp Yonahlossee was founded in 1922 by Mrs. A. P. Kephart as a summer camp for girls. The camp was the female counterpart to Camp Yonahnoka located nearby in Linville, North Carolina. In 1954 the camp was sold to Mr. and Mrs. George M. McCord and Mrs. Agnes Jeter. The camp's primary focus was outdoor recreation with programs including horseback riding, archery, rifle shooting, swimming, sailing, and fencing. Crafts and dance were also taught at the camp. The camp closed in the 1980s and became a resort focused on equestrian activities.

Processing was recently completed on AC.687: Camp Yonahlossee Collection, 1925-2002, undated. The collection will be available for research in the Dougherty Reading Room.

Image from AC.687: Camp Yonahlossee Collection, 1925-2002, undated.