The Gragg House

According to local memory the Gragg House was constructed some time in the mid-19th Century by Burton and Finley Gragg. The house is notable architecturally for its design, as evidenced in A Guide to the Historic Architecture of North Carolina:

"The carefully hewn timbers are of exceptional width and joined tightly with full-dovetailed corner notches so that daubing was unnecessary." (218)

John Alexander Williams Papers

The recently processed AC.829: John Alexander Williams Papers consists of research materials, publications, and ephemera compiled by Dr. John Alexander Williams. The collection includes copies of materials dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, copies of academic articles and book chapters, course materials, correspondence, and photographs.

Snapshot: Fleetwood School

From an unlabeled newsclipping:

FLEETWOOD HIGH SCHOOL HAD MANY OUTSTANDING GRADUATING CLASSES. Here is the group which graduated in 1921, the members of which many people will know: left to right, Raymond Luther, Earl Johnston and James O. Goodman, teacher; both now deceased. Athel Phillips, Wick Vannoy, Inez Howell, Ethel Moretz, Eugenia Johnston, Ruth Moretz, Hazel Phillips, Mable Blackburn, Lucy Greene, Mae Miller and Gaynell Phillips.

"I have this day agreed to go to the army..."

These letters confirm Private Richmond Hayes' hiring of a replacement to serve in Company E of the 58th North Carolina Regiment of Infantry. They acknowledge Hayes' promise to pay sixteen hundred dollars to Harrison Edmindston to serve in his stead. Edminston paid dearly for his gamble, as recorded in North Carolina Troops 1861-1865:

"Edminston, William H., Private

Put It On My Tab


Remember the days of "Put it on my tab"? This was the method of bookkeeping- pencil and a "running tab." Now it's "cash or credit?" "Yes put it on my credit card!" 

Image from a store ledger located in AC.836: Stephens Store Records. Stephens Store was located in Creston, North Carolina. Text contributed by Anita Elliott.

The Big Snow of 1960

 An edition of the Todd General Store Ledger remembering the anniversary of the 1960 Snow which covered western North Carolina as well as the mountain regions of neighboring states. The "Big Snow" began 44 years ago on February 12 and lasted for a month. Burr...

From  AC.810: Dean Allison Williams Papers.