Snapshot: Fleetwood School

From an unlabeled newsclipping:

FLEETWOOD HIGH SCHOOL HAD MANY OUTSTANDING GRADUATING CLASSES. Here is the group which graduated in 1921, the members of which many people will know: left to right, Raymond Luther, Earl Johnston and James O. Goodman, teacher; both now deceased. Athel Phillips, Wick Vannoy, Inez Howell, Ethel Moretz, Eugenia Johnston, Ruth Moretz, Hazel Phillips, Mable Blackburn, Lucy Greene, Mae Miller and Gaynell Phillips.

From 861: Blackburn Farms Collection


"I have this day agreed to go to the army..."

These letters confirm Private Richmond Hayes' hiring of a replacement to serve in Company E of the 58th North Carolina Regiment of Infantry. They acknowledge Hayes' promise to pay sixteen hundred dollars to Harrison Edmindston to serve in his stead. Edminston paid dearly for his gamble, as recorded in North Carolina Troops 1861-1865:

"Edminston, William H., Private

Resided in Caldwell County and was by occupation a farmer prior to enlisting in Caldwell County at age 41. Enlistment date reported as October 5, 1862; however he is not listed on company muster roles dated January-June 1863. Wounded at Chicamauga, Georgia, September 20, 1863. Reported absent wounded through August 31, 1864. Hospitalized at Charlotte on December 16, 1864 with a gunshot wound (fracture) of the right arm. Place and date not reported (he was probably still suffering from the wound he received at Chicamauga.) Furloughed on December 27, 1864. No further records."

From AC.858: Jack Wilson Coffey Papers and Deeds

Snapshot: Buster Brown

An advertisement for Buster Brown Shoes once available for purchase at the Stephens Store in Creston, North Carolina. The Buster Brown company advertised in a variety of ways locally within Appalachia, including the sponsorship of regional events such as the 1925 Mountain City Fiddlers Convention. The company also installed X-Ray machines in some retail locations to help children and adults determine the proper shoesize.

Image from a store ledger located in AC.836: Stephens Store Records.

Put It On My Tab


Remember the days of "Put it on my tab"? This was the method of bookkeeping- pencil and a "running tab." Now it's "cash or credit?" "Yes put it on my credit card!" 

Image from a store ledger located in AC.836: Stephens Store Records. Stephens Store was located in Creston, North Carolina. Text contributed by Anita Elliott.

Helen Matthews Lewis Papers

Complete with recent additions, AC.103: Helen Matthews Lewis Papers, 1924-2011, undated are available for research in the Dougherty Reading Room. The collection features materials related to life and career of Helen Matthews Lewis, widely recognized as the "Grandmother of Appalachian Studies." Lewis' lifetime of work focused on social and environmental issues not only within Appalachia but in locations around the world.  Highlights of the Helen Matthews Lewis Papers include hours of documentary film footage capturing the era of the mid-1970s coal mining in Wales and Appalachia, an extensive collection of historical photographs from Ivanhoe, Virginia, Lewis' personal correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, and a quilt made during the 1987 Pittston Coal Strike.

Image of Helen Lewis from AC.103: Helen Matthews Lewis Papers, 1924-2011, undated.

The Big Snow of 1960

 An edition of the Todd General Store Ledger remembering the anniversary of the 1960 Snow which covered western North Carolina as well as the mountain regions of neighboring states. The "Big Snow" began 44 years ago on February 12 and lasted for a month. Burr...

From  AC.810: Dean Allison Williams Papers.

Snapshot: Odd Fellows

Photograph of Odd Fellows Lodge ritual, Ivanhoe, Virginia, from AC.103: Helen Lewis Papers. Label reads, "House far right Bob Taylor- then, Goodson home now, Carve Viar home now."

Exhibit: Odds and Ends

Currently under construction, the next Appalachian State Library Special Collections exhibit will spotlight the curiosities of the archives. Located in the 4th floor atrium of the Belk Library, the exhibit features notable oddities from within the collection selected by our faculty and staff. See the Daniel Boone Gavel (made from a tree under which the pioneer once camped), a rare painting of a once popular Alabama sporting event, a pair of high class heels from the Dougherty Clothing Collection, the Appalachian Cultural Museum's Santasaurus, and much more...

Photograph from AC.321: Smyth County, Virginia Lifetime Collection. The image is from a postcard of Annie Jones-Elliot, a Smyth County, Virginia native and bearded lady who travelled with P. T. Barnum's Circus.